East Coast Indian ports handle a phenomenal volume of 1.5 Million Metric tons of Granite exports every year as Break Bulk predominantly from Chennai, Kakinada, Vishakhapatnam, Krishnapatnam and Tuticorin. A.S.Shipping has been involved in handling & transporting of granite blocks with our own advanced fleet, machinery and equipment for over 3 decades.

What we offer

Unloading and loading at the yard, road/rail transportation, loading of cargo into the ship and ocean freight to the destination.

4 Breakbulk sailings monthly from Chennai, Krishnapatnam, Visakhapatnam,Gopalpur to Hong Kong, Xiamen, Shihu, Keelung & Hualien.

Specialised in storage / handling / stuffing of rough granite blocks / slabs / tiles in containers at our yards across the East Coast of India and shipping it worldwide.

Ports we serve

We handle about 1 million metric tons as Break Bulk Cargo shipped from East Coast India ports to Far East destinations viz Xiamen, Hong Kong, Shihu, Hualien, Ho chi minh city etc.

We also handle logistics for export of granite blocks through other vessel operators for destinations such as Marina DI Carrara, Marghera, Rijeka, Antwerp, Pasajes, Vigo, Stettino and other European Ports.

We also specialize in Storage / Handling / Stuffing of Rough Granite Blocks / Slabs in containers at our yards across the East Coast of India to destinations all over the World.

Our Stockyards

We operate from ideal locations near Quarries at various destinations across South India at below mentioned locations:

  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu (Numbal CFS).
  • Surrareddypalem, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Uppal, Telangana.
  • Settihalli, Karnataka.